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Ensure the complete safety of your tailbone and thigh by wearing padded shorts

padded shortsDo you love adventure sports and do not want to get worried about your safety of your vulnerable body parts while you are doing shocking & risky stunts? If so, then you must wear padded shorts that are one of the major protective gears and promise to safeguard your thighs and other body parts. By wearing these shorts, you can get completely relaxed and reassured about your safety at the time of doing mir
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Protective gear guarantee safety while doing the shocking stunts

knee padsAre you going for adventurous sports like biking, skiing & snowboarding and looking for excellent quality protective gears to keep yourself safe from falls and crashes? If yes, then an ideal option for you is the protective gears from Shock garden. Each and every thrilling & adventurous sport has unsure injury or accident. But, Shock gar
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High quality padded shorts to ensure safety of tailbone and thigh

yhst-66501846900183_2251_81582984For almost all the adventure sports, padded shorts are one of the most important protective gears to ensure the safety of thighs and nearby areas. Padded shorts becomes extremely important for the BMX riders as the chances of getting injury in the tailbone, thigh and other most sophisticated areas are very high in this sports. This is the reason why, Shockgarden has brings for you some of the most adva
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Ensure your Safety with the high quality Protective gears

SixSixOne Race Brace ProJust not pull your socks if you are going to roll on a long board, keep your protective gears ready and intact yourself with your sport gears. Every adventure brings a lot of action with an uncertainty of severe injury and even death. However, Shock Garden has a huge variety of quality protective gears for long boarding to safeguard you from any hazardous crash, Shin Guards and Ankle Guards are two of the main pr
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Snowboarding protective gears for the complete protection

Demon Hypervest D3O Protective JacketEvery year, a number of people get severe injury or even die during the snowboarding in the absence of right type of protective gears. Therefore, it is crucial for every snowboarding player to have right type of protection for the snowboard. Shock Garden offers a wide range of exclusive designed protective gears for snowboard that can protect you in case of any fall or crash. You can visit our snowboard protection section to
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Ensure High protection of Your Elbows by Top Quality Elbow Pads

ProTec Double down Knee PadsElbow pads for BMX are significantly designed to offer complete protection. They are styled with such technology that they can protect your elbows from any severe injury or mishappening. They are consistent and do not worn out even after its repeated use. The material and fabric of the product is so strong that it offers dependable performance throughout the life. Even after repetitive use, they do not lose any of its q
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Superior quality Gloves to safeguard you while Long Boarding

Triple Eight Downhill GlovesWhile Long Boarding, don’t just overlook the safety measures and risk involved in it. It might be able to result devastating for you. So, it is very necessary for you to protect your vulnerable parts of your body by using top rated protective gears. We have a huge range of high quality Long Board Gloves to safe guard your hands from any injury or any kind of risk. Gloves plays a vital role in the long board sport as your hands need to
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Ensure your safety with superior quality of Skate board Helmet

Demon Dirt  Matter HelmetJust don’t be impulsive and just think about the breath taking thrills of your beloved adventure sport. You should always give priority to the protective gears which are going to protect you from the hazardous results. Every adventure sport comes with a lot of uncertainty of injury and even fatal outcome. As Head is the most vulnerable part of the body and needs an extra protection while practicing any sport; helmets saf
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Safety is a matter of choice for the sports person

NEW 2012  SixSixOne Comp KneeAs we all know that knee & shin is responsible for the movement of the leg and their muscles are very sensitive which demands high quality protective gears. Most of the times, during accidents, these parts get injured and take time to get recover so, always wear high quality protection gears which ensures high safety and comfort.  

SixSixOne Comp Knee with extra shin protection

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Shock Doctor Anti-Microbial Mouthguard Case with anti bacterial function

Shock Doctor Gel Max MouthguardMouth is very sensitive part of our body as a very small injury to the mouth can cause serious problem for life time. That is the reason, most of the experts’ advice to wear high quality Ski Mouth guards which not only give protection to the tongue, teeth, and jaws but also give confidence of high performance. This mouth guards has easily attachable function to the athlete bag which makes this product highly preferr
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